Project Description

Dance, Art & Music Workshop
Ukhozi Girls Club
19 October 2019

Coactive held a new event this year, which contained elements and activities the girls from Ukhozi, had spoken highly of during some of our conversations over the last year. Herschel Preparatory School kindly agreed to the event being held on their property, which allowed the girls to have their own experience whilst in amazing facilities. Coactive was so grateful to have Anne Foale-Price, Petra Conrads, Richard Hartlief and Christina Le Roux, all educators at Herschel, who took the girls through their paces in the form of Dance, Art and Music lessons.

The girls painted beautiful pincushions onto glass. Then using a technique called Mono-print they then imprinted this onto card. Allowing them to leave the event, with their own masterpiece as a memory. Learning to play the Marimbas was a big hit between the ladies. The girls were enthralled with these instruments and they blew us away learning and playing a version of “In the Jungle.” The girls’ final class was a ballet lesson. The silence during this session was a clear indication of their dedication to learning how to plié, sauté and tendu.

Panarottis in Claremont so kindly donated the entire team scrumptious pizza for lunch. At the end of the day the girls each received a certificate commenting on their dedication, perseverance or interest in the day or different areas. The girls’ smiles were big and requests for drama and singing were high on their agendas for next time.