Co-active was created in March 2017 by seven friends who made the decision to help those who are exposed to crime and poverty on a daily basis. Passionate about the future of our country, a small WhatsApp Group was started where ideas were discussed as to what action we can take. The name Co-Active was purposefully chosen to reflect our hopes to make a difference. After much discussion, we came to the realisation, that our experiences have shaped who we are today, and we reflected on how fortunate we are to have been exposed to so many positive and different experiences growing up – either arranged through school programmes, family holidays and/or personal travel. We agreed it would be our gift to serve the underprivileged youth of South Africa by arranging activities around beautiful South Africa that can open eyes, shift thought, bring about hope and build resilience – all vital to survive (and thrive!) in this fast-changing world of ours. Please have a look at our recent EXPERIENCES to understand more how we educate, empower and encourage creativity, mindfulness and respect towards others and our environment.