Project Description

Waterfront Theatre School Programme
Ukhozi Girls
21 March 2019

The Ukhozi Girls is a club located in Joe Slovo township that motivates and empowers young girls encouraging them to gain self-confidence and have a positive mind-set so that they won’t view their backgrounds as a limitation to achieve their dreams. Yesterday we spent the day with the Ukhozi Girls at the Waterfront Theatre School, where we arranged professional coaches to teach the girls drama, dance and theatre as part of a holiday workshop programme. We had a lot of fun, and the girls were inspired that they could have careers in these arts and even get to travel the world with them! Their focus and attention in the workshop was wonderful to see and their love and talent in this sector was clearly evident. We have attached some pictures from the day.

The Waterfront Theatre School, also provides a part-time programme for school-going learners, aged 5-18, which includes: ballet, modern, tap (grade dependent), hip-hop and group drama & musical theatre (grade dependent) classes. These workshops are held every Saturday for a full school term and cost approximately R6000 per student. We have identified 2 young girls from the Ukhozi Girls Club who have a passion for the arts and who have the right dedication and focus to complete the course.